The Journey to Fit

Steps to Truly Loving Your Workouts

When it comes to working out, one of the hardest challenges is not working out itself, but finding the motivation to do so. I have experienced this myself several times. There are always other things that you can be doing with your time.

Here are a few tricks I have discovered that have helped me learn to truly love working out.

1. Find a Time That ACTUALLY Works for You

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they begin working out is that they do not carve out a regular time in their schedule for it. I am aware that people’s work/school schedules can be crazy and I do not necessarily mean a specific “time” as much as I do a designated point in the day. In my case, when I was in college, my workout time was if I ended up having time in the day or not. Not having a scheduled time is bound to lead to inconsistency.

Another issue I have come across is scheduling a workout time for myself that just doesn’t realistically work. Ask any one who knows me fairly well and they can attest to the fact that I am not a morning person. If I could, I would stay in my warm and cozy bed all day. So imagine my success when I scheduled myself to workout first thing every morning at 5:15am… not much. I usually ended up skipping at least twice a week and even if I worked out, the amount of energy I was able to put in it was not much.

2. Find a Place You Enjoy Going 

There is always the choice to workout or not; however, finding the right place can make the world’s difference. For a few years I worked out at a large & busy gym and never quite felt like I could work out as hard as I wanted to without being judged or looked at weird (other ladies can relate). The small gym in my building has created the perfect environment for me to practically work out alone with the exception of one or two other people.

Another beauty of working out right after work is I can run half a mile to this view and continue a beautiful run for a couple miles:


The beauty of finding a place that you enjoy is that it inspires and motivates you to work harder and fully take in the experience of creating a healthier you.

3. Switching it Up

While having workout plans is great, having a workout ROUTINE can be your enemy. Doing the same workout every day for more than a couple of weeks will make you bored of working out, stop producing the results you want, or both. It’s important to switch it up! I personally love circuit workouts and finding new ones to try. They keep me challenged and with constant variety, it makes it hard to get bored.


What are some of your favorite workouts and places??



6 thoughts on “Steps to Truly Loving Your Workouts

  1. I walk and run on the trails around my homes. For years I was tied to the treadmill, but now I’m enjoying being outdoors and the treadmill is just for those days when my schedule doesn’t permit outdoor exercise.


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