The Journey to Fit

Detox and Kicking it Up a Notch

Today is June 4th, near 10am, and it is 79 degrees outside… already?! Summer has come upon the Pacific Northwest extremely early as we had already had some brutally hot days back in May. Today sounded like a good day to stay inside and update you all about what I have been doing these past few weeks.

Detox Time

A couple of months ago, Andrew (my fiancé for those of you who haven’t read about him yet) and myself really felt we needed to press the “restart” button on our bodies and do a cleanse. We generally eat pretty healthy, but crappy food tends to leave its mark and build up in your body over time. It was time to get rid of it. We didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on each of us (we’re in our early 20’s, hello?) but we were willing to invest some money in tackling this. We started looking at cleanse packages and my mom mentioned “Doctor Oz,” a doctor/nutritionalist she follows, had a 3 day detox plan. So after looking through that, we decided to start there and if we felt we still needed to do a cleanse, we would do so. Here is the link to Dr. Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse.

We went grocery shopping two days later and spent about $45 each person (we buy organic veggies and fruits). This seems like a lot when you look at your grocery bill; however, think about it this way… you do not have to worry about breakfast, lunch, snacks, or dinner for 3 days. Feel better?

The detox itself was awesome. The drinks were extremely filling and I was never hungry the entire length of the detox. My lunch drink sometimes took me over an hour to finish because it was so much. The last day, we even skipped the snack drink because we were still full from our lunch. Every evening, you do a lavender epson salt bath. I am not much of a bath person myself; however, I really found myself loving the mix of a bath and lavender. It was extremely calming and the perfect way to end the day.

By the morning of the third day, I felt myself have so much more energy and I could feel the difference in my body. Even after we were done with it, I continued to make myself a morning shake with a mix of the ingredients. Almost two weeks later, I’m still doing so. Filling yourself with all those good nutrients is the perfect way to start the morning!


About the same time we were shopping for ingredients for our detox, I was on Facebook and came across a post my friend had made about a fitness challenge she was doing. The  program is IdealFit and the specific challenge is called “15 Day Fit Body Challenge.” What I like about it is:

  1. It’s free to participate. There is a very specific food plan she has that you can follow (which I’ve heard wonderful things about but am not doing it this first time around), but it’s not required. She also has protein powder specific to women which I just purchased.
  2. She is a certified nutritionist and trainer who has been helping people over the last 10 years get their health on track. Reading and listening to her, she knows what she’s talking about.

I just finished my third workout day yesterday and…. holy cow, I am so sore. When I first looked at the workouts, I thought, “This is it? This does not seem challenging enough.” Little did I know I would be crawling across the floor after leg day (workout 2). I have never been so challenged in my workouts and it’s refreshing! If you’re interested in joining the 15 Day Fit Body Challenge, click here. There is a Facebook page she will email you about that is a GREAT support/chat group of all the other women who are doing the challenge as well. It’s very encouraging knowing you’re not the only one doing it. I will be sure to show before and after photos once I am done!

Now you know what I have been up to… basically, spicing things up for summer! What are you guys doing with summer 16 days away??


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